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Film Prize 2023 features films edited by Aisle7

September 18th, 2023 -

The 11th Annual Louisiana Film Prize kicks off on October 19th-21st where 20 short films will compete for a grand prize of $50,000, the largest cash prize for a short film in the world. The top 20 films were announced in August and of those top 20 selections, 6 films worked with Aisle7 to cross the finish line.



Directed by Chris Alan Evans & Alexander Jeffery

"When Finn can’t get a word out in front of his high school crush, his playground pals convince him that watching a porno tape will solve all his problems."

Our roles: Editing, Visual Effects, Assembly & Costumes


Directed by Clayton Henderson

"Frank and Elle decide to meet in real life after connecting on a dating app…. That’s when things get weird."

Our roles: Editing, Visual Effects, Assembly & Costumes, Poster Design


Directed by Jacob McSharma

"Attending an art show, Bianca struggles to relax amidst a sea of voices telling her what to do."

Our roles: Editing, Visual Effects, Poster Design


Directed by Hannah Dorsett Floyd

"Melanie arrives at her daughter Emma’s cake tasting and finds Emma in cahoots with the groom’s mother, arch-nemesis Tennyson. Much to Emma’s and the wedding planner’s horror, more than insults fly, resulting in a delicious disaster."

Our role: Visual Effects


Directed by Jeremy Enis

"A young artist navigates the brutal world of art criticism and competition."

Our roles: Assembly, Costumes


Directed by Caleb Lemon

"Two siblings living in the apocalypse, torn between different ideas on life in the end times."

Our role: Poster design

Tickets for Film Prize are available through eventbrite and audiences can attend in person or online. Audiences participate in the selection of the winner, so get your tickets now!


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