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JC Doler wins triple "Gold" and "Best of Show" at the American Advertising Federation Awards

February 24th, 2024:

The 2024 American Advertising Awards in Northwest Louisiana took place on Saturday, February 24th.

J.C. Doler of Aisle7 Post was honored as editor for 3 gold awards and the top Best of Show for work done with Willis-Knighton, including the "Mama" TV spot, the "Run the Race" TV spot and for the "Care to Change Your World" campaign as a whole. Gold is the highest award category at the American Advertising Awards.

Additionally, J.C. won a Silver award for the "New Tune" TV spot, also part of the "Care to Change Your World" campaign, as well as a Bronze award for the Louisiana Lottery TV spot "Explorer Clues". You can view each TV spot below.

J.C. Doler was editor, VFX artist, animator and sound designer on each spot, with work done through CRM Studios.


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