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"War Paint" to play at 48th Cleveland International Film Festival

March 8th, 2024

Aisle7 is excited to announce that their original short film War Paint will play at the 48th annual Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF). War Paint previously had it's Ohio premiere at the festival in 2019 for the 43rd annual CIFF, and will this year be included as part of the Louisiana Film Prize shorts showcase, playing out of competition.

War Paint tells the story of one man's journey through the heat and hell of the Vietnam war during the early 1960s. The film is based on the war stories of writer/co-director J.C. Doler's father.

War Paint will be playing in the Shorts In Focus: Louisiana Film Prize block on Friday, April 12th at 4:55pm and will be available online as part of the festivals online screening program April 14th - 21st, 2024.

You can learn more and get tickets at the festival website here.

Shot over 3 days in the summer of 2018 in Northwest Louisiana, War Paint was co-directed by husband and wife duo J.C. Doler and Taylor Bracewell.

The film stars J.C. Doler, Francisco Soto Jr., Chris Alan Evans, Alex Dafnis, Paul Petersen and J.C. Doler Jr.

Alexander Jeffery was Cinematographer, and has his own short film premiering with co-director Chris Alan Evans at CIFF48, Caught on Tape, also edited by Aisle7 Post. Additionally, Pink Suit / Black Suit, another Aisle7 Post edit, will also be premiering at CIFF 48 in the Louisiana Film Prize block.


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