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Exclusive #ChadGetsTheAxe Trailer Previews Influencer Horror Comedy

August 4th, 2023 -

Found footage has become a favorite of many and pairs well with the horrors of the internet. ComingSoon is debuting the #ChadGetsTheAxe trailer for the upcoming influencer comedy horror movie from The Horror Collective.

In the movie, social media influencer Spicy Steve invites a group of fellow influencers to Devil’s Manor. That so happens to be the former residence of a Satanic cult. As the group starts to live stream their experience, things go drastically wrong and get horribly violent. But at least the views are going up!

The #ChadGetsTheAxe trailer below gives you a pretty clear idea of what the film’s satirical style is aiming for:

When does #ChadGetsTheAxe come out?

Entertainment Squad’s genre label, The Horror Collective, will release #ChadGetsTheAxe on major on-demand and digital platforms on September 1.

Directed by Travis Bible, who co-wrote with Kemerton Hargrove, it stars Spencer Harrison Levin (Black Jesus), Michael Bonini (New Amsterdam), Taneisha Figueroa (Duck World), Cameron Vitosh (Walker), Brandon Doyle (Murder Made Me Famous), and Shun Hagins (Snitch).

“Spicy Steve leads a group of social media influencers to Devil’s Manor, the former home of a Satanic cult,” reads the logline. “As they livestream their trip, things begin to go south… and when the violence begins to ramp up, so do the views.”


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