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Variety: Akatsuki Wraps ‘Room 203’ U.S. Adaptation of J-Horror Tale

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Dec. 3, 2020 -

Per Variety:

"Akatsuki Entertainment, the U.S. film production branch of Japanese gaming firm Akatsuki, has recently wrapped production on English-language horror feature “Room 203.” It is now looking for distribution.

Adapted from a Japanese novel from Kobunsha Publishing, the story is a tale of two female roommates who are tormented by the vengeful spirits dwelling in their gothic-style, rented apartment, which contains an ornate centerpiece. The adapted screenplay is by John Poliquin (“Spiral,” upcoming “Selfie”), Jagger and Nick Richey (“Low Low”).

Filming took place in Shreveport, Louisiana, under full COVID-19 protocols with rising British director Ben Jagger (“Corbin Nash” and the upcoming “Dark Peak”) in the chair. The cast is headed by Francesca Xuereb, Viktoria Vinyarska and Eric Wiegand.

Production is by Akatsuki Entertainment president Annmarie Sairrino (formerly Bailey), Moeko Suzuki, Akatsuki Entertainment’s head of Tokyo head, Kat McPhee, and Ben Anderson, with Ty Whittington as co-producer.

“The apartment is a decrepit, but amazing American Gothic. But there’s an ever-present smell of rot, eerie sounds and noises,” said Sairrino in a prepared text. “As the warning signs mount, one of the women tries to look for rational explanations, but find that she and her friend are pulled deeper into the dark history – involving murder, a sinister deity, and a ticking clock of Room 203.”

The film which is now headed into post-production has to date been fully-financed by Akatsuki Entertainment. The company is now weighing up sales and distribution opportunities. All domestic and worldwide rights are available, including Japan.

Akatsuki Entertainment recently completed its first feature movie, “Root Letter,” based on a Kadokawa Games visual novel. The film stars Danny Ramirez (“Top Gun: Maverick”), Keana Marie (“Dash & Lily”), and Lydia Hearst (“The Hunting of Sharon Tate”)."

Aisle7 Post handled post editing, assembly editing and over 160 VFX shots for Room 203.


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