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Dread Central: ‘Room 203’ Trailer: Unholy Rituals And Demonic Possessions...

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

April 8, 2022 -

Looking for an affordable place to live is hell. It feels almost impossible to find something in your budget that leaves you enough to survive the rest of the month. We make concessions, then, when we find something we can finally afford. So what about the peeling paint and stained carpets? Two friends think just that in the upcoming horror Room 203. Only, they quickly realize that more than there are more than cockroaches to worry about in their new home.

In the film:

"Lifelong friends Kim and Izzy move into Room 203, a quirky apartment with a creepy medieval stained glass window. Kim slowly becomes convinced that their new home may be haunted. With help from her new boyfriend Ian, Kim investigates the tortured history of the apartment. They discover a string of disappearances of former residents, a murder mystery from half a century ago, and an ancient curse that threatens to possess Izzy and kill Kim."

The screenplay is based on the book of the same name released by Kobunsha Publishing.

Watch the trailer for Room 203 below:

Ben Jagger directed Room 203. Francesca Xuereb and Viktoria Vinyarska star in the film as Kim and Izzy, respectively. Eric Wiegand also stars.

Room 203 hits select theaters and VOD on April 15.


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